Server/SAN Rental

Server and SAN Storage Rental at a fraction of the cost!

Our Server/SAN Rental platform is one of a kind!

Built using quality refurbished HPE and Cisco Enterprise hardware gives Intelligence Hosting Services a huge cost saving advantage over our competitors who only purchase and use new hardware.

This huge cost saving advantage is passed onto you, the customer, because we can slash the average market Server SAN Rental prices by up to 5x!

Our Server SAN Storage platform uses both HPE BL460c Gen8 and Gen9 Blade Server along with HPE’s 3PAR 7000 SAN Range. Each Blade Server is connected to our 10Gbit Redundant Cisco Catalyst 6509 Network Core and our 8Gbit Redundant HPE 48000 SilkWorm SAN Fabric. The HPE 3PAR 7000 SAN Arrays are configured with a 3-Tier Storage Pool consisting of Near-Line 7.2K SAS, Fibre Channel 10K SAS and Ultra-Fast SSD’s using HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimisation.

The HPE 3PAR 7000 SAN Arrays are configured to analyse your I/O intensive Data Chunklets and then move the Chunklets of data to a better preforming storage tier, automatically without any impact on I/O or host disturbance.

For security, your Blade Servers are protected by two Managed or Un-Managed Virtual Firewalls that you can manage yourself or we can step in and managed them for you. We can setup as many Private VLAN’s as you need, as many Blade Servers as you need and as much SAN Storage space as you need, all within minutes instead of days.

You can choose the configuration you need for both Server, SAN and Network settings using our online Calculator below:

Configure your SAN Storage Platform

Use the options below to set up your custom solution.

Blade Server SAN Rental