Cloud PBX Telephone Systems

Simple Cloud PBX Business Telephone System with a flexible 1-Month Rolling Contract, packed full of features!

You’ll find in the Business Telephone System industry that 90% of the time, the company flogging you their system try and tie you into a 3-year, 5-year or sometimes even 7-year lease contract for the business telephone system hardware alone! This is before you then have to sign up to another 12-Month contract with BT to have a connection installed so the phone system can make and receive calls.

With the Intelligence Hosting Services – Cloud PBX Business Telephone System, you’re not tied into any contract whatsoever. It’s a simple 1-Month rolling contract, like all our Data Centre and Cloud Based Services.

We achieve this industry leading flexibility because we don’t have to buy any expensive hardware to install at your office and remote sites. We simply spin up a Virtualised instance of our bespoke Cloud based PBX Phone System and ship to you some desk phones, a tiny router the size of a match box and a Wireless Access Point. Your desk phones connect via Wireless to the Router and then connect back to your Cloud PBX Telephone System in our Data Centre via a secure AES256bit SSL VPN Connection, over your existing office, or home internet connection. It’s as simple as that!

These are just a few features that our Cloud PBX Telephone System is capable of:

Call Recording

Voicemail to Email

Web Browser based User Admin Site

IVR Inbound Call Menu

Automated Intelligent Inbound Call Queues

Ring/Hunt Groups

Full Inbound & Outbound Call Stats

Call Forwarding

Night Mode & Time Conditions

Windows Software Based Diallers

You can place an order for a new Cloud PBX Telephone System by simply using our sliding calculators. If you’re a little unsure of what you need or what the calculators mean, give us a call or speak to us on our website chat and we’ll advice you on the spec you need.

Cloud PBX Telephone System calculator

PBX Cloud Telephone System