Company History

Founded in 2017 by our CTO Andy Hughes, Intelligence Hosting Services was born from the idea of having a one stop shop for all business enterprise IT needs, complementing the success of Intelligent Brokerage Limited which sells Refurbished Enterprise IT Hardware reseller.

Originally Andy worked for HBOS in their Data Centre Management Team. After been exposed to a vast array of enterprise data centre hardware and infrastructure, Andy founded Intelligent Brokerage in 2011 which specialises in the resale of Refurbished Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking equipment from the 4 main hardware vendors, HPE, Dell, Cisco and IBM.

Building from the success of providing fully fledged enterprise hardware solutions like Server/SAN Configurations, Full Core Network replacement or upgrades and Hardware/Software Support for IT Resellers, IT Solution Providers and End Users, the idea to create a Colocation Data Centre at the same premises as Intelligent Brokerage came as a natural side offering for our existing customer base.

This gives Intelligent Brokerage’s customer base a unique opportunity to buy a refurbished custom Server from Intelligent Brokerage and have it racked in our Intelligence Hosting Services Colocation Data Centre, which is located in the same building as our hardware warehouse, within 90 minutes of purchasing the Server.

On the back of our Rack Space/ Rack Rental service, Andy has designed and implemented 4 other data centre products to complement our Colocation Rack Rental product. These are:

  • Blade Server / SAN Rental – If you’re not interested in using or purchasing your own hardware to rack in a private or shared rack, you can rent a HPE Blade Server and a slice of our HPE 3PAR SAN Storage.
  • Cloud Backup – Backup your on-premises company data to our Veeam Cloud Connect Cloud Backup Infrastructure, giving you a secure off-site backup of your data for disaster recover purposes.
  • Managed Service – If you’re a small or medium business looking to fully outsource your IT Hardware and Support, we can host a full company infrastructure from the bottom up using our Data Centre, allowing you and your employees to log into your own private Remote Desktop Infrastructure “Daas” from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud PBX Business Telephone System – Do away with expensive on-site business telephone systems by using our Cloud based Business Telephone System hosted in our Data Centre. Our cloud based business telephone system comes with a large array of free features and an industry leading 1-Month rolling contract!

With these products in mind, our strategy here at Intelligence Hosting Services is to expand our Data Centre offerings by building multiple “micro” Colocation Data Centre facilities up and down the UK.

These additional facilities will follow the same model as our first Data Centre here in Harrogate; Colocation facilities with no more than 30 full racks.

This unique business model keeps our capital expenditure extremely low compared to our competitors and enables us to pass this cost saving onto our customers.